Finlink Capital is founded by Yang Li and Weida Xu, who are both cofounders of Bitlink Capital, in 2019. We cover a variety of Defi and Cefi projects, especially trading related. Finlink now heavily invests in exchanges, derivatives, fixed income, NFT and etc. Unlike many pure crypto VCs, we utilize our high frequency trading skills to help our portfolios with world-class liquidity from day one.

Our Team

Yang Li

Founding Partner linkedin

Weida Xu

Founding Partner



dydx The most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets.


dydx The first revolutionary interest rate derivatives exchange on Arbitrum. STRIPS was designed to allow users to trade, speculate, and hedge interest rates.


notional A protocol on Ethereum that facilitates fixed-rate, fixed-term crypto asset lending and borrowing through a novel financial instrument called fCash.


injective Explore unlimited financial markets on Injective’s fast, secure, and fully decentralized layer-2 DEX.


synfuture A next generation synthetic assets derivatives exchange focused on creating an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling trading on anything with a price feed.


globedx A crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts.


mcdex Trade Anything with Top Liquidity A fully permissionless protocol for perpetual swaps powered by the revolutionary AMM.